Support Services

In addition to our online resources, educational and public programs, and community outreach and special events, the foundation provides support services and referrals for those impacted by domestic violence.


Talk Through It Trauma Therapy Alliance

We collaborate with numerous local mental health practices and professionals, on various issues related to trauma and healing and at various stages of an individual’s journey with domestic violence. Through a confidential process the foundation connects with individuals on their specific needs and places each person or persons in touch with our partners who are well equipped to help the individual navigate trauma, trauma recovery, and the journey of healing.

Hand-in-Hand Mentorship Program

The foundation has a group of dedicated and passionate individuals who help lead our Hand-in-Hand Mentorship Program. These mentors have survived domestic violence, sexual assault, and childhood trauma. The program is designed to help connect survivors with those impacted by domestic violence who are seeking advice, support, and someone to trust as they navigate, or plan to navigate, a new beginning.

Heart + Hearth Transitional and Temporary Housing Referral Program

What may be perceived as the most simplest step to getting out of an unhealthy situation is actually the most difficult and in some cases the most dangerous. Our staff at the foundation understands the complexities and risks involved with removing oneself or oneself and family from these situations. Our number one focus is the safety of those seeking help.

Seek Help

First and foremost: If you or someone you know is in immediate or immanent danger then please contact your local law enforcement or call 911. You may also consider utilizing a local or regional resource, or a national hotline.

If you or a loved one need one or more of the support services listed above, please contact us using the following confidential form:

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