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What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
— Jane Goodall

Programs + Outreach

Educational and public programs, special events, and community outreach initiatives are all part of our mission to broaden awareness for and strengthen the dialogue about domestic violence.

Educators + Students

We collaborate with local and regional schools on a variety of programs and projects, including: guest speakers, training for educators, and student-led projects. 

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Educator Training

In collaboration with local organizations, Shine the Light Foundation provides relevant training for educators.

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School Visits + Engagement

Members of our Foundation Board facilitate visits to local and regional schools to connect on issues of domestic violence, teen dating violence, and how to identify unhealthy relationships.

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Student-Led Projects

Shine the Light Foundation collaborates with students of all ages on public projects surrounding topics and experiences in domestic violence.


Hear from professionals, survivors, and others affected by or involved in the field of domestic violence.

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Group Discussions

Professionals and survivors present and discuss issues of domestic violence as they relate to current policy, medical research, and individual experiences.

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Hear stories of survival, iterations in context, and explanations of domestic violence research and terminology from leaders in the field.

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Artist Response

Visual and performing artists and writers respond to stories of domestic violence.

Community Outreach

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Walk for Hope

Participate in Shine the Light Foundation's Walk for Hope, held each fall.

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Self Defense

With collaboration and support from local law enforcement, therapists, and certified self defense trainers, learn best practices to defend yourself from physical and verbal attacks.

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Sunday Supper

Fellow survivors, families and friends, and professionals dine together on select Sundays throughout the year.

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Events + Social Engagement

In collaboration with members of our community, these events are meant to broaden awareness, cultivate compassion, and raise funds to support Shine the Light Foundation.

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Become a Volunteer

Any level of participation is welcomed and appreciated. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact us for more information.



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