Mission Statement

Through educational and public programming, community outreach, and special events, Shine the Light Foundation strives to not only strengthen the dialogue on and broaden awareness for domestic violence, but also provide a solid and safe platform for individuals to share their stories.

The Importance of Dialogue

For survivors of domestic violence, having a voice is critical to the success and impact of the healing journey. Having that voice shared in a public way encourages empowerment, which can be even more meaningful to the process of healing. Taking it further: engaging in thoughtful and honest conversation can strengthen the resolve of others who may be suffering, in addition to providing valuable and educational information to members of the public that can ignite a desire for conscientious behavior and advocacy as well as inspire compassion and empathy.


Foundation Leadership

The foundation board is a group of passionate and dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to advance the foundation mission and its goals.

Programs + Outreach

Foundation program and outreach initiatives help strengthen the dialogue on domestic violence.