It All Started When...

Not everyone is comfortable in sharing their story of domestic violence. I was one of those people. For a long while, I did not open up and share my story out of fear of being judged, targeted, or even found.

It was not until I began running my own business, Moderncity + Main, that I understood the significance - and strength - of sharing my experience with others in a public way. When customers noticed that I donate ten percent of my sales to my Shine the Light Campaign for domestic violence awareness, it opened the door for me to connect with fellow survivors, policy  makers and social workers, and other advocates. I could see the potential for healing and for hope found in the honest transparency of sharing my story.

In February of 2018 I formally established Shine the Light Foundation with a purpose of strengthening the dialogue and broadening the awareness of domestic violence by way of public and educational programming, community outreach, and special events. I also wanted to create a safe, and public, platform for survivors, families and friends, and professionals in the field to share their story. These stories are collected and shared through the Voices series of our Journal. I made sure to also include a comprehensive set of resources that help individuals explore the who, what, why, and how questions of domestic violence in addition to providing contact information for local and national support organizations. In 2019 we launched a series of support services and community advocacy groups, that help us further our mission and connect within the community.

I know firsthand the truths of domestic violence, its lasting impact, and how complicated an experience can be. It's my goal to reach individuals who may be struggling, who want to understand and connect with these truths, and to shine the light on an issue that, every year, affects the lives of over ten million people across the United States.

Thank you for visiting.

Most sincerely,

Meg Kuck

Founder + Director


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