A Collective Voice

Passionate individuals who want to shine the light on domestic violence. Members of these groups help the foundation plan and facilitate programs, outreach initiatives, and special events.

Hand-In-Hand Mentorship Program

Survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault who mentor other survivors on a spectrum of issues related to trauma and recovery.

Heart + Hearth Transitional and Temporary Housing Referral Program

Professionals in the fields of social services, health care, law enforcement, education, and other areas who help the foundation’s efforts in ensuring safe and secure housing for survivors and their families.

Love is Light Teen Dating Violence Awareness

An advocacy group comprised mostly of high school students that discusses topics related to Teen Dating Violence (TDV). Emphasis on education and practice of healthy relationship behavior.

Talk It Out Trauma Therapy Alliance

Mental health professionals who help the foundation’s survivor support services initiatives.

The foundation is currently accepting applications. If you are interested in applying to one or more of these Community Advocacy Groups please complete the following inquiry form and our staff will be provide you with application instructions.

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