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By sharing your story, you release its grip over you. You not only allow yourself to heal, but you bring truth to struggles other than your own.
— Meg Kuck

A safe platform for survivors, families and friends, therapists and other professionals working in the field to share their stories and experiences.

By sharing our stories with one another we not only help ourselves heal, but help each other heal, too. We also bring attention to and educate others on the truths of domestic violence.

We are always seeking individuals to share their stories or some other form of written work that serves the purpose of inclusive conversation and transparent sharing of information. If you or someone you know meets this criteria, please contact us. We understand sharing your story may be difficult, and so will be happy to discuss publishing your work anonymously.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Just like no two relationships are the same, each story of domestic violence is different. Hear from survivors, who have been brave enough to share their story.

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Therapists + Professionals in the Field

Hear from individuals who work directly with those affected by domestic violence.                                             

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Families + Friends

Domestic violence can have a serious and lasting impact on individuals not directly affected by it - like loved ones and close friends. Hear from those on the periphery of the violence.