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Strengthen the Dialogue

One in five women in America will experience domestic or sexual violence in her lifetime. Every nine seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten. Nearly twenty people per minute in America are physically abused by an intimate partner; during one year, this equates to over ten million men and women.

Through educational and public programming, community outreach, and special events, Shine the Light Foundation hopes to not only broaden awareness but also provide a stronger, and safe, platform for individuals to share their stories.

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A safe platform for survivors, families and friends, therapists and other professionals working in the field to share their stories and experiences.

Programs + Outreach

Educational and public programs, special events, and community outreach initiatives are all part of Shine the Light Foundation's mission to broaden awareness for and strengthen the dialogue about domestic violence.        

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A common thread in all that we do at Shine the Light Foundation is the goal of strengthening the dialogue and fostering advocacy for domestic violence. We demonstrate this not only in our efforts we are making through programs and outreach, and in providing a safe platform for those who want to bravely and thoughtfully share their story and experiences, but also through a carefully compiled set of resources. From comprehensive lists of local and national organizations to an in-depth explanation of the how, why, and what of domestic violence we strive to equip individuals with the information needed to better understand these issues, and by extension create a thoughtful and effective conversation.

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